Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Kind of Life that I Want to Live

A country life. I wish one day I would have a land that big enough for me to build my mansion and growing few corps, a cowshed, and two horses. One for me, another one for my lovely wife. Obviously this kind of life only available at Kampung or village. But I don't think our land at the back yard enough for the number of cows and goats that I wish to have. Sometimes I think maybe I could live at Australia or UK. Suburbs area, of coarse. buy a piece of land, build up my house and sheds for cows, goats and horses. I loves this kind of life. Peaceful. Way far from civilization, smokes, and engines hum from vehicles at town. But not too far from people. I don't want to be labelled as a swanky.

I want to have a small garden at the side of my house for herbs and fresh vegetables like Jamie Oliver had. Every time I wanna cook, I just have to grabs anything that I want. So refreshing especially in the morning to breath a fresh, cold, chilly air. watching the sunrise with a cup of hot coffee. A cup at my right hand, and papers at another hand. sit down in front of my house and casually skipping few pages from front due to inability to processing scrap news and issues. Maybe I should start reading from behind, like everyone with higher mentality usually does.

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